Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Remember

It's Friday

time to join Gypsy Mama in writing for five minutes on the topic she gives us. Are you ready for some unedited words on


I am going to be an Aunt soon. This will be the only other child beyond our own in the family. It's a new experience for us all. And after eight years of one Grandchild my parents are excited to say the least.

But for me it brings up all the bitter sweet memories of Mouse. Those days when people say it goes so fast. And as a new parent you think it will never be forgotten.

Now the years have slipped by. Those memories I thought I would always remember get fuzzy. There grows an ache to hold her, swaddled in a blanket again. To stop the evil time that keeps on going without my approval.

To see this small woman child here beside us makes me almost weep with from lost moments.

To see this small woman child here beside me makes me weep with what is yet to come.

I pray for moments to come that will be remembered.
~ Cassi

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