Thursday, October 6, 2011

Restaurant Review - Spill the Wine

Cassi and I took in a new restaurant on Tuesday night.  Spill the Wine is located in Minneapolis.  We have had a gift card for almost a year.  It was time to use it for date night!
Steve's Review:
I checked out the Spill the Wine website before we went.  It has a small food menu but enough to meet most standards.  I decided on the burger with fancy fries.  The decor the restaurant was low key, brown brick with art work on the walls.  The bar was very interesting.  The legs of the bar were old wine barrels.  That was the most interesting part of the decor.
We ordered cheese curds for appetizer and wine flight.  I ordered wine from Luna, Cassi ordered wine from Middle Sister.  The wines tasted good and it was fun to state which one we liked best to worst.  I am not a big red wine fan but may have found one to enjoy.
The food arrived and we dug in.  My burger was thick, at least an inch but not done the way I asked.  There was no real flavor to the burger which made it disappointing.  I was excited for the fancy fries, as they are called, but again became disappointed with the fries that were limp and not crispy.  The seasoning on the fries was good, something I would like to try at home.
Overall the experience was not one where I would recommend, or want to go back to Spill the Wine.  I am glad we tried it and enjoyed the different wines but the food just did not match up.

So one thing I have to give the place is high marks in customer service. A year ago I had made reservations and a week before we were to go they called and asked if I could reschedule for another night. I explained that we were going to be in town for a play so I was unable to reschedule. Then they explained that someone had booked out the restaurant for the night. So as an apology they sent me a gift card. It was something that was over the top in customer service to me with a two week notice I had plenty of time find a new place to eat and yet they still sent the card.
Now for date night. The place is very unassuming in decor. The menu is limited but eclectic enough to fit most tastes. We started with the wine flights. As far as wine flights go it was a good selection and decent price. The cheese curds with truffle oil and capers was my favorite part of the meal. The capers were baked into cheese curds. I ordered the grilled the skirt steak and sweet potato. The steak was a little tough for my likes. The sweet potato had really good flavor but something seemed off. That could easily be because I don't have much experience with sweet potatoes. In general I would not recommend the place to someone for the food but a place to sip a wine and chat definitely.

~ Steve & Cassi
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