Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I wore Wednes to Work and Home

Somedays I think I have really changed my stule then other days I realize I really haven't changed that much. Take this current outfit, peasant tops and jeans have been a staple for me since before highschool. (It was popular back then promise.) Through the years I have kept the looking going, (yes even in the early 2000 when it wasn't so popular)
But I still want my style to evolve and change as I have through the years. Looking at this outfit I feel like it lends it's self to a good mix of the old me and the new.
Starting with the new me:
Shoes: DSW
These skyhigh heels are a new look for me. These shoes add the spark of fun to this outfit, I feel they show off the side of me that has changed the most in my style. Adding that funky twist.
Mouse wanted in on the picture, since we had similar shirts on that day. The peasant top (JC Penny's) and jeans (American Rag, Macy's) show the comfort I have in knowning what I like. They are my staples, my go to outfit.
The necklace was made by my parents (in their hippy years). Yes, they made rock jewelry and sold it out of a van. (OK the van part I always add not sure if they even owned a van but it makes a funny visual for me.) This piece represents where I have come from and the style I take from both my parents.
This is how I pull this mix off for work. The longer sweater the new touch I have added in the past two years.
How has your style evolved or stayed the same?

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~ Cassi
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