Thursday, October 13, 2011

Forget the lyrics

When Mouse and I are in the vehicle we listen to "rock and roll" as she puts it.  I have paid little attention to lyrics in songs before because she was not at the point of understanding them.  Well that is changing, she is now asking what songs mean and works at singing along with some of them.  That is starting to cause an issue.  Some songs have great music, instrumentation, but not great lyrics for a youngster.  Example is the band Foster the People with the song Pumped Up Kicks  In the song it talks about outrunning a gun, running faster then my bullet.  Great, the beat of the song is fun and easy to move to, imagine me bopping my head up an down, fun right.  Well the lyrics are not what I want Mouse listening to.  So now what? Change the station when a song I like comes on with lyrics that may not be appropriate or hope Mouse is like me when listening to songs.  Just enjoy the song and don't think to deep about the meaning of the song.
We do luck out with Mouse and her music tastes.  She would prefer to listen to Frank Sinatra over Justin Bieb...oh I can't even right his name! 


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