Friday, October 21, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ Beyond

It's time again for Five Minute Fridays with Gypsy Mama. Five minutes of unedited writing on a single topic.

This year has all been about going Beyond. I am trying to learn to go beyond me. I am not in control of my life. No, I take that back I need to let go of control of my life. To go Beyond me and let God take control.

Beyond the shallow trappings of this world and surrender to the picture Beyond my comprehension.

To feel a love and learn to love Beyond any I have felt so far.

But to do all this is tough. I falter and turn back over and over again.

This last week is a good example. I felt like we were finally getting a place financially (we have been finishing our basement and that has ate away at the extra money) were we could buy some bigger ticket not needed items. I really need a new camera. And my desire this year is to take Mouse to the Caribbeans. But then I rear ended someone on my way to work. Nothing bad just enough damage to file a insurance claim.

I lost the resolve that morning. I cried (crazily) to the guy I just hit that I won't get a new camera now. I am sure he understood. It was hours later that I finally surrendered to God and poured out my desire for him to handle the budget.

Why can't I surrender there first?

I know that it is Beyond me that everything will work out.

Because nothing is Beyond him.

~ Cassi

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