Thursday, September 29, 2011

Restaurant Review - His side/her side

For my birthday dinner Cassi and I decided to try a local restaurant called The Happy Gnome.  We chose the restaurant based on menu and the massive drink menu.

Steve's review:  Walking in and seeing the many beer taps was pretty amazing to me.  The artistic work that goes into some of these taps is great to look at.  The restaurant was busy but we were by no means crowded which made me more comfortable.  It took a few minutes to get our table cleaned but that gave us time to review the menu.  Seating is open tables, no booths in this restaurant.  With a name like Happy Gnome there is bound to be garden gnomes around and it was fun trying to find them.  There was not an abundance of gnomes and there was other local art on the walls.  We ordered drinks, I ordered a Kwat beer from Belgium.  It was very good and tasted like no other beer I have had before.  We ordered chicken wings that were very good, not fatty and the sauces were great with the wings.  I ordered Cornish game hen that was butterflied, deboned and set on wild rice, corn, spinach and a cherry sauce.  The whole meal was very good and filled me up.  For desert we were treated to a chocolate mouse that was infused with red wine.  That was a good way to end our meal.  Over all I would recommend the restaurant to others and look forward to trying it again, next time it will be for a burger!

Cassi's review:  In preparing for Steve's birthday I wanted to find a restaurant that would be for him. My first thought was Spill the Wine (because he is trying to like wine) but it is more of a place for me. So when I saw the name of The Happy Gnome, I thought it was the place to go. See, Steve has this obsession like of gnomes. We have one hidden in our ledge display. But back to the restaurant, when I saw it specialized in craft beers I knew it was perfect. We got to the restaurant it was very unassuming place. The decor was a on the simple side, I agree with Steve no booths was a miss for us. Finding all the gnomes hidden around the place was fun. Made me want to buy more gnomes and hide them around our house. I ordered a beer which is very rare for me but it was decent just a plain Amber. The wings were very good, I have to find out how they make their buffalo sauce so thick. I ordered the Cumin Avocado Sandwich with a side of gazpacho. I have to say it was just OK. Steve's chicken tasted much better. It might have been better if I hadn't just ate the same flavor in the wings. The gazpacho had a little to intense of a green pepper taste for my likes. The dessert though was worth it! The red wine infuse chocolate mousse with sour cherry sauce was soo good. To clarify we don't order dessert to often so I don't have much to compare to locally. But it was soo yummy!

Sorry for no pictures, I some how lost them when I went to download them on to our computer. I am completely bummed about the loss. I had a great one of Steve under the Happy Gnome sign.

~ Steve & Cassi
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