Thursday, September 8, 2011

A dog called Magic ~ a post by Mouse

***Mouse has been wanting to write a post for this blog for a while. This week had a few mile stones for her. The first being the start of school. Second, her first real experience with the circle of life. Here is her post***
Mouse (6 months), Cashmere and Magic
Magic, Grandma's dog.
Magic was a good dog.  Magic was a Shiba Inu, he was black and white in color. 
Magic got his name because he was able to somehow get out of his kennel with no help from people.
Magic was the first dog I got to walk, feed and play with.  Magic and I played fetch and tug of war.  He would follow me all over my Grandma's yard. 
When Grandma was not watching he would sneak over to the neighbors yard.  I would have to run and get him.
I would help take him to the vet. I really want to be a vet.
Magic has gotten really old. He got very very sick.
Magic was put down this week. 
We will all miss Magic.
Magic July 2011

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1 comment:

  1. Dear Mouse,

    It is so much fun to peak in on your family's blog and read about you. Your parents are friends of mine. :)

    I want to tell you I'm so sorry about your loss; I'm sure you will miss Magic. I'm glad that you have happy memories with him. He will live on in your heart. :)

    I also want to tell you that I think it is really cool how you spent so much time with Magic by playing fetch and tug of war with him, and bringing him home when he snuck off. It sounds like you were a very good friend to him. He was very lucky to have you!

    By the way, you sound like a really neat, caring and kind person! I'm sure you will make a wonderful Vet, or anything else that you decide to be. You go for it, because you can do amazing things!

    A friend of your parents...
    Corine :D


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