Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Minute Friday ~ in real life

Friday means five minutes of unedited writing with Gypsy Mama and today with {In}Courage too.
Today is about "in real life"
So here it is five minutes:

In real life...

Oh I have been waiting for {In}Courage to do their big reveal. I could tell it was something in more tangible then online chats.

The reveal was today. A weekend of online webinars / meet ups across the globe. I am excited very excited.

But a little sad, I was hoping for a trip away to a in person conference to really meet people. Touch them shake hands, hug, cry on each others shoulders with good-byes . But this is a good start.

Why am I disappointed to not In Real Life see people I don't even know?

Mostly because I don't have that female connection here. That sister in Christ to lean on, have coffee with, to share life with. {In}Courage woman provide some of that.

And really when you read the blogs where people meet their blog friends. It just makes smile and sad all at once.

But I will trust in God that this is a good start to lasting local and far away In Real Life Christian friendship.

~ Cassi

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