Thursday, September 1, 2011

99 cents

99 cents bought a kite for Mouse a long time ago.  We live in a town that seems to be windy quite often, perfect for kite flying.   Well, this 99 cent kite sat in the garage for months, maybe even a year or two before being set free.  It was a windy day and when Mouse and I got home she said, I'm gonna fly a kite, OK I say, thinking that the 99 cent kite is cheap and like the others will not fly.  I change out of work clothes and come out to her having the kite setup and working hard to get it in the air.  I head out to the yard to help.  I lift the kite into the wind and whoosh, up it goes.  Mouse starts unraveling the string, the kite climbs, she is so excited to see it up in the air.  Mouse moves all around the yard with the kite and eventually lets the string all the way out.  The kite is now as high as it will go.  She smiles and sings, "Let's Go Fly A Kite"  Catchy tune (you will be singing it all day now)

Mouse wanted me to fly the kite.  I eventually took hold of the string and started flying the kite.  Wow, amazing what flying the kite did to my stress.  It was so relaxing and fun to move the kite higher, then bring it down near the ground, and crash it a few times.  I flew the kite for 15 minutes and enjoyed each minute.  Great way to spend 99 cents!

The next time you hear "go fly a kite" try it!  It may be the best part of your day.


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