Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sports sports sports

A local AM radio station runs promos of one of the mid day talk show host ranting about "sports sport sports, this is what you are going to get..."  Now the host was doing a bit, a joke to the listener.  The station is an all sports station and a caller called to complain that the host was not talking about sports.  The bit is old but I think about it often when sports starts to invade my daily life.  I am a sports person.  Grew up playing baseball, basketball, football, running track.  I've played Fantasy Football for a dozen years.  Play, and a few years ago, coached softball.  I follow sports writers on Twitter.  Talks with the neighbors center around whatever team or teams are playing at the time. Sports, sports, sports.

I used to be the guy in church looking at my watch as the service was ending thinking "I gotta get home for kickoff!"  Our church service is rarely one hour long and the start time makes getting home for the kickoff of a football game, or first pitch of a Sunday afternoon baseball game difficult.  A few years ago my anxiety of getting home for the start of a game started to leave me.  I started to feel that church and listening, really listening, not clock watching, was what I needed.  Who cares if I miss the beginning of a game. These days I don't watch every football game during the season.  I spend time with my family, which is much more rewarding.

I still keep up on the local sports teams, but it is more casual now.  Goals I have are, to use the time I used to spend researching Fantasy Football or catching up on scores to talk with Cassi or play with Mouse.  Scores are always available and in the end they don't make me happy.  What makes me happy is the time with my family.

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