Friday, August 19, 2011

5 Minute Friday ~ New

It's Friday again that means I am joining up with Gypsy Mama in her 5 minute Friday. One word, five minutes, just writing. No edits, no checks, no doubts....just heartfelt writing.


ReNew a bright spirit within me
Lyrics we sing at church on Sunday. Though I have like the song for years the meaning has never really taken affect till now.
We are restoring here, making New.
In all areas but most importantly we are reNewing a bright spirit within us.
Seeking God to change us from the inside out.
I need to be new.
The old is painful, dishonest, selfish.
The new...
so far
is still hurting but..
finding joy in smaller things
the important things.
Taking in the world from a new perspective.

So come Lord reNew a bright spirit within this Bright Forest.

~ Cassi

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