Monday, August 1, 2011

Project Fail

Steve and I have had this idea to add a small corner table to our dining room for some time now. We wanted it to match the cookbook shelves I designed when we first moved in. It was going to have the same brushed conduit pipes with open wood shelves. Now if we had wanted it rectangle like the other, it probably would have work fine.

We had the wood cut into triangles. (Yes, please catch that we didn't cut them) Then we cut circles into the wood for the poles to go through. And this is were it sat for at least a year or more.

When we went to get the matching brushed pipes no one sold them that we could fine. All the pipes we could find were shiny. So Steve hand sanded the pipes to get them to match. He did a pretty good job.
He then cut the pipes to the height we needed for the table. We slide the wood on the pipes and held them in place with brackets. Again it sat in this condition for a few months as other projects took over.
We finally decided on the placement for the three shelves. To give it extra strength we decided to screw the wood into the pipes. We were going to cover the edges of the wood with veneer and then stain it all so the screw holes won't have shown.
It wasn't until we got all three shelves screwed in that we decided to check the fit for the corner the shelf was going in. And then we discovered a problem. The shelf unit was not fitting against the walls correctly. After that we decided to check the triangles. And you guessed it they were not perfect 90 degree angles.
So this project is back to the drawing board until we can cut some new triangle boards. Lesson learned always check the fit!

~ Cassi & Steve

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