Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Human Crash Test

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We spent this weekend in Preston, Minnesota at a small camp ground. We went there for Steve's family reunion. The campground it's self wasn't much to write home about. But it was nice to see some of his extended family and catch up on life.

For the most part we sat around the bonfire sharing snacks and chats. The real fun came on Saturday though, when we decided to go tubing down the Root River. Oddly enough I can't remember if I have ever gone tubing before. The Root River (where we were) is pretty mild.

Or that is what most people will tell you. But for me it was one hazard after another. I seemed to run right into every tree or rock that jutted out of the river. And I don't mean lightly, I have scraps, dents and bruises to prove it. At one point in time I flipped off the tube, chipped my tooth and lost my shirt all at once. I wasn't wearing the shirt over my swimsuit at that time, the shirt happened to be laying across the tube) Thankfully some skillful kayakers came by and found the shirt for me.

In other parts the river was so shallow we have to yell "butt up" so everyone knew to pull themselves on top of the tube so their butt won't scrap the rocks. Mouse thought this was the funniest part of the trip.

An hour and half later we made it back to camp in one (if not slightly battered) piece.

I can't wait to go again, bruises and all!

~ Cassi

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