Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Fantasy

I know with a title of "My fantasy" on a blog about marriage you might have thought this post was something different. But your mind went there not mine.

Mine was still back on our trip to Jay Cooke. There is something about the forest that gets my mind to wonder to all sorts of possibilities. It probably comes with my years of sci-fi fantasy reading. Oh how I do love a good story from By the Sword by Mercedes Lackey to Harry Potter to A Midsummer's Night Dream.

To me the woods just call out these stories. They draw you into to their mysteries, they tell you it's alright to believe.

So when we were hiking. I saw this tree. With its curving roots and hollowed out base. My mind could imagine the story. Vividly ran through scenarios of lost children hiding in the hollow to be rescued by a passing band of gypsies. Or the wood nymph door hidden in the curves, can't you hear Titania wondering the amongst the trees.  

What gets your imagination going? Where do go to set your fantasies a flight?

~ Cassi
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