Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday- Give me some shade

Minnesota has about 6 weeks of great summer weather. I unfortunately decided to get Lyme's disease and have to spend them in the shade. The medication for Lyme's is a strong dose of anti-biotics and this particular kind make you very sensitive to the sun. Since I burn looking out a window this was a little worrisome to me.
But Steve knew what to do, he had me go out and buy a big floppy hat to cover my face and some 50 proof (yes, you read that right 50, no tan for me) sunscreen. I also picked up some long sleeve shirts. But I found my best coverage came from a swimsuit cover-up I bought for a trip last year.
So this is how I spent the weekend at the lake with the family. You will see I have on a cover-up, a big floppy hat, swim suit and am sitting under the awning of the pontoon. And like always when at the lake a book is considered an accessory.
Hat: Gap
Sunglasses, Cover-Up & Sandal: Target
Book: Reluctant Burglar by: Jill Elizabeth Nelson (great book)
Swim Suit: Sears

I also have been looking at long skirts as I said in yesterdays post. So here is the skirt I made to attend a baby shower this weekend.
Shirt: Thrifted
Belt & Tank: Target
Pearls: A gift from Steve, Macy's
Shoes: So old I forgot
Skirt: Made by me

And just for fun

~ Cassi
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