Thursday, July 28, 2011

Picnic with Mouse

This work week we had extended family time in the form of a picnic.  Mouse was taking a photo class at the park that Cassi and I frequent during our lunches (See previous dates here).  Mouse and her Grandma stayed after the class and joined us for sandwiches, fruit and chips.  Mouse is very happy about her photo class.  She took pictures of nature and then made a book out of it.  I'm excited that she enjoyed this class, and is enjoying her summer.
I'm also happy that Mouse has a Grandma (Cassi's Mom) that is so helpful.  Grandma watches Mouse for us while we are at work. She also works part-time at the school Mouse attends.  Mouse gets to spend a lot of extra time with Grandma, they have a special bond.
Currently Mouse gets to do one of her favorite things, head over to Grandma's neighbors and help with the new born kitties.  She interacts with each kitten and I believe this helps with the kitten's human social skills.  The kittens are used to kids and being held by the time they head to adoption.

Having lunch with Cassi everyday is great.  It breaks up the work day, and we get to spend extra time together!  Spending time with Cassi and Mouse over lunch, twice this week, has been special.


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