Friday, June 10, 2011

Um, where are the keys?

Cassi and I have lunch together quite often and this week we had our lunch at a local park.  Nice park, trails, lake, tables to sit at. (it is such a great park, I just love it)
Now for background of this story.  Cassi and I swap cars during the week to save on gas.  We have a little four cylinder car and then a SUV.  It was Cassi's day for the SUV.  To be kind I left my set of SUV keys on the steps before I left for work.  Cassi grabbed these keys and left for work. (which was nice of him since I couldn't find my keys)  She picked me up for lunch and we drove to the park.  Parked the SUV then I watched her put the keys in her purse. (Ok can we stop here and say He watched me do this and says nothing!)  I then got out of the vehicle, and as a habit checked my pocket, yep have the keys.  During this time Cassi puts her purse under the front seat and gets out of the vehicle locking the doors, SUV keys in the purse remember.  Cassi hands me a set of keys and I put them in my pocket. (Because I realized I put the keys in my purse so I quick grab keys as I put it under the seat)  I think nothing of it and we walked to our picnic area and put down the cooler. I then ask Cassi why she handed me the car keys. (It is at this time that we realize I had grabbed the wrong keys out of my purse)  I go back to the vehicle and check all the doors and hatch, maybe one of them didn't lock.  No luck.  OK now what, call the cops, locksmith or ask at the front desk?  Decision is made to ask the front desk.  The lady makes a few calls but because this is the lunch hour no one picks up the phone.  She takes down my info and says someone will call me.  Great, how long, "I don't know"  We do luck out that the park will open vehicles at no charge for people.  We finish our lunch and walk around, waiting, waiting, waiting.  We call our bosses "we will be late, locked keys in car"  We both luck out that our bosses are good enough to laugh about it and try to help out.  This is where the change in me can be seen.  The old me would have freaked out, gotten mad and moody.  (really this is a huge change, I was waiting for him to get crabby, to the point where I was getting anxious waiting for it) The new me told Cassi, this is another lunch adventure!  Truth is I did get a little anxious when we were waiting.  This day was busy after work with getting Mouse to an eye appointment and we needed to make sure one of us got home to get her off the bus.  I stress a little anxious, not full blown freak out.  I knew that God had put us in this position to test us.  How will we handle this adventure??  In the end we handled it very well.  My boss drove out and picked us up.  At the same time the Park Patrol called to say they will be heading out to assist us.  We took the ride back to my work where we then drove the car back to the park.  The patrol followed us to the SUV and after signing away my life, (I think that waver was the most anxious he got that they would damage the SUV) unlocked it.  Keys in purse and no damage done.  In the end one of the best lunches I had with Cassi. (Same here it was so great to see the change in Steve and to have a story to laugh about together)

~Steve (Cassi is in the purple)

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