Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday -- Fail

The other day I decided to wear button down shirt to work. Which isn't that unusual. But I should have paid attention to the shirt when I put it on. Now, I have talked on here about how I would like to loose about 10lbs. But one thing that is nice with the extra weight is my boobs are bigger! (I know those of you that think I have crossed the line by saying boobs can leave now) For the rest of you, great right! Except my shirt didn't quite work that day. While on a conference call (thankfully not in person) I looked down and the buttons to my shirt had popped open. And then again twice before noon my shirt had come open. I have never been so glad to be in a back office before.

As soon as I picked Steve up for lunch I looked at him and told him to give me his shirt. This is also one of the time I am thankful for a small husband. He gave me his underneath t-shirt. And this is what I wore the rest of the day at work
Pants: New York & CO
Shirt: Husband's literally right off his back
I did wear shoes to work, I just forgot to put them back on for the photo.

Linking up one week late, didn't have access to internet last week,

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