Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dial 2

A few weeks ago we were walking around garage sales in a local town when I came across a find I have been looking for for a few years. A vintage record player. I had a stand alone record player that I inherited from Cassi's uncle but it ended up breaking down. Since then I have looked for either another stand alone or the combo radio, cassette, record player.
I lucked out in finding a Fisher MC-725. The Internet tells me it is from 1983.
It is simple compared to components these days. Only plug ins for the speakers in the back. No CD player option. Just old school record and cassette. I am happy to add this player to a small collection. We have an old cabinet record player/radio that we inherited from Cassi's Grandma. It came with a free mouse nest that had babies in it. The cat loved that, free treats. I have a few vintage looking radio's that Cassi has bought me. Right now they are scattered around the house but someday they will have a home in a finished basement.
One of the joys of the new record player is putting on a record for Mouse to hear. I started with The Bangles, Walk Like and Egyptian then Manic Monday. We listened to old Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, Bon Jovi the song Cassi grew up with, Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polk-A-Dot Bikini from the Monster Mash album. It was fun to turn up the stereo and listen to these songs with my family.
Both cassette players work too so now I will be able to dust off the old radio days tapes and give them a listen.
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