Friday, June 3, 2011


I know completely following the band wagon. Or maybe a little behind the wagon. But I found Pinterest finally. I have seen it out in the blog world for awhile but haven't really understood it until this week. This week I got hooked on addicted to it.
Steve and I have lots of projects going on around the house and yard. We are always sending links and pictures back and forth to each other. Now we can just Pin It and the site does the sharing for us. This is great.
It works really well for our yard projects. We are in the middle of finishing our basement. But we have lots of plans for our yard which is not in the works this year. This site will let us keep all the ideas we see while surfing the web. It will keep it in a more visual way then our thousands of emails back and forth will. So excited about that!
Have you checked it out yet? If so what do you like on it?
I love this:
Isn't it great. I love the look of the vintage dresser with the hodgepodge of flowers.
So go ahead
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