Thursday, June 2, 2011

Notes from Memorial Day Weekend

Saturday morning we went to a Christian book store to find new Bibles.  We have discussed the want for new Bibles and the urge to read them more, understand more deeply.  We researched a few Bible styles we thought we would like.  We also decided we would get our own Bibles, that way we can bring them to a group or study we may be a part of.  It was nice to be able to page through the Bibles, to see notes or maps, feel the weight of the book.  A lot goes into choosing a Bible.  Hard cover, soft cover, color, leather, paper style, King James version, NIV, study, devotional....  To me it got a little overwhelming until I stopped, collected my thoughts and started to look for what I want in a Bible. I ended up with the NIV Life Application Study Bible, hard cover, nice and hefty.  Cassi selected the soft cover Zondervan NIV Study Bible-personal size. We are both excited about our new Bibles.

Saturday afternoon and night brought a wedding.  The wedding was for an old school friend of mine.  It was nice to catch up with some guys I have not seen in 15 plus years.  One guy has been living in Sweden for the last 11 years.  That made for good conversation.  He and his wife were willing to answer any question Cassi or I had about Sweden.  The one big item I took from the wedding is how technology engulfs people.  So many people were on their smart phone during the reception.  I found it almost rude.  Even the groom was checking his phone while the new bride stepped into the ladies room.  We left the reception early, but headed to a local grocery store and bought fancy cheese and summer sausage.  We came home and watched Reality Bites.  Good way to spend the Saturday night.

Sunday Cassi and I worked on the vanity for the basement bathroom.  It was time to stop hand sanding and let the power tools work.  The belt sander worked amazing at getting some of the veneer off the top and drawer fronts.  This is still a work in progress. 

Monday was the hot weather day of the weekend.  We all slept in, the early morning rain may have helped, then had a big brunch of an egg bake that was half recipe half experiment.  I thought it turned out good.  Once the weather broke, the sun came out and it heated up.  Cassi and I went out to fill up a box full of water balloons.  It took awhile to fill the box, maybe 30 balloons, and under two minutes for five kids to throw and pop them.  After the balloons were done the kids got the squirt guns out and had a great time squirting everything.  I was the official fill up the guns guy and made sure every kid got to use different squirt guns.  To me it was a fun time, reminded me of my youth and the squirt gun fights we had, actually we have two of the squirt guns I had as a youngster, good ol' Super Soakers!

The weekend itself was good family time, couple time, memory time.

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