Monday, June 13, 2011

Homegrown Mushrooms

Steve and I went to a Live Green Expo about a month ago. At the expo there was this table with one guy standing there with a poster. He was talking about growing your own mushrooms out this little box. Steve and I were instantly intrigued. But the catch was he had sold out of the boxes but if we gave him the money and our address he would get a box mailed to us right away. and without thinking twice Steve and I signed up. It was wasn't until we walked away that we realized we just gave a random guy twenty bucks with no guaranty that we would get mushrooms. But a few weeks later this box arrived!
The box is filled with coffee compost. The instructions tell you to slit the plastic surrounding the compost and then mist the compost twice a day until mushrooms appear.  
 It took about 7-10 days and then we received a full crop of mushrooms. Mouse was very excited to show off the huge mushrooms.
 The oysters mushrooms were huge. I have never seen such large mushrooms before. We decided to make a mushroom cream sauce to have with some gnocchi.
 The sauce consisted of cream, white wine, chicken, the mushrooms and parsley. The chicken and mushrooms were sauteed in olive oil. Then the rest of the ingredients were added.
Oyster mushrooms have a mild flavor they combined well with the sauce and gnocchi. Best part is you turn the box around and you start the whole process over again for a whole new batch of mushrooms. You can order your own here. This isn't a sponsored post, we just had so much fun ordering it and growing them we wanted to share with others. And for such an odd start the mushrooms ending up being good and edible. We were a little worried about eating strange mushrooms, but no hallucinations came.
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