Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chindian Cafe Review

We have gone to Chindian Cafe twice now. The first time we went it looked close. We got there right at opening (11am) and the place looked empty. In fact it was so dark inside we called the restaurant to check if they truly were open. I for one was so glad they were open. Chindian has a Indian and Chinese infusion menu. Their appetizers consist of the basics such as; wontons, wings and my favorite dumplings.  The dumplings can be served either steamed or fried. We have had them both ways there and we preferred them fried.
 The first time we went Steve ordered the fried rice and I ordered something else. Not sure I think it was the house special. It was pretty good but Steve's fried rice was delicious. It was so good that on our second trip we split the dumplings and the house special fried rice. It has this sweet bbq pork in it that mixes so well with the curry infused rice.
The portions are quite large it is easy to share. The place is very small. But the service is good. Even on the second trip when it was just one waitress and one cook we were never left waiting. We will definitely be back to this one.
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