Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

These pictures will still have my curly hair since I took them last week. It is finally starting to warm up around here enough to wear short sleeves. I really didn't know if we were ever going to make it to 60 degrees!
But that is not why you come to this blog on Wednesdays so here is what I wore:


This outfit has another pair of shoes that I just love! The top is from Macy's. You can't see it in this picture but the top is all ruffles around the neckline into a bib shape. I love it. The pants are Gap. The shoes I picked up at a garage sale for less than a dollar!

The second outfit here is one I made. Ok, don't mind the picture. I was making faces at Steve while he was taking the picture and really it was the best one out of the group.
The top sweater is New York & Co. The t-shirt is Target and then I added the chiffon and satin to it. The cameo pin was my Mother's. This is one of my favorite embellished tops. The pants are New York and Co too I think. The shoes you can't see are thrifted.

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