Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Dial

I received my first cassette as a pre-teen. Whitesnake from 1987. Never heard of the band but put it in the player and was hooked on music and radio. It is amazing how listening habits can change, yet remain the same.

Example 1
As a youngster I remember seeing the big cloth tapestry of Led Zeppelin. I made up my mind that they were the worst band ever because of the ugly tapestry. Then years later I bought a Led Zeppelin CD, then another and another - best band ever. In my late teens, in need of money, like every teenager, I sold all my Zeppelin discs. I missed them. Few years ago I found a greatest hits collection and whew, my small collection is back.

Example 2
I went through a country phase in the late 90s. It helps when you work at the number one country station in town. Do I listen to country now? No is the quick answer. Rock is where I live. Classic, alternative, americano.

Example 3
Talk Radio. My dad listened to it all the time and on Saturday mornings there was (is) this show on AM radio called Saturday Morning Sportstalk. Hated it, these guys were boring with their old stories and seeming laziness to the local sports scene. These days I try to listen to Saturday Morning Sportstalk as much as I can. Why, because the guys are not boring, they are old sports writers, old drunks, old storytellers. Stories that make a person laugh and in site to sports that ESPN can't give.

Work in radio???
After high school everyone needs to figure out "what I am going to do" Back in the late 90s for some unknown reason I called up the local broadcasting school and signed up. 18 months later I was looking for a job as a radio news reporter. Why not spin music -because it was easier to get a job doing news. Interviewed in Iowa, chased bunnies (story for a different day) and interviewed for my first real job.

"Do you play golf?" "no" "thanks for the time"

No job in Iowa but that was fine because Southern Minnesota was my next stop. Got the job with one interview -must have been my 20 year old pipes! Worked at an AM station doing the news, chasing the news, and making roughly $3.24 and hour. I figured it out one day and decided to move on from radio.

It is amazing when I mention that I worked in radio, people perk up and start asking questions. I got a job in computer support in part because I once worked in radio. My manager thought that was cool.

Radio and music still are a big part of my day. Long drive to work gets time with local morning shows and afternoon is filled with sports talk.

I have many old tapes from my radio days. Me reading news, obits, community events. Some day I will put them in a player for Mouse and Cassi to listen to. Do we have a cassette player in the house????
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