Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday - Braids

Now that my hair is back to being straight. I have been playing around with different styles. Mostly braids! I love that they are back in style again. they add such a touch of whimsy to a look. The first braid I tried was pretty subtle, in fact I only braided it because the flower I made won't stay in my hair otherwise.
Sorry no outfit picture of this one. I accidentally deleted. But I can tell you the hair flower made by me; Necklace was from Maurice's and the tank top was from Macy's.
The second braid I tried was a bit more noticeable. It started from the top of my head and swooped down the side. It wasn't quite the look I was going for but I wanted more of how Maegan has hers here.  Isn't hers cute!?!
 Instead I just have a small one strand braid off to the side. But it was a good start. I will practice more and show you if I come up with a better braid look.
My outfit for the look:
Jacket: Thrifted
Tanks: Target
Pearl Necklace: Gift from Steve for our 11 year anniversary
Jeans: American Rag
Bracelet: Vintage shop
Shoes: So old I have no idea
So what do you think of the braids? How do you wear them?

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