Thursday, May 26, 2011


For our 11 year anniversary Cassi gave me a bracelet with the word ask on it. The bracelet is great. Made of leather with rivets to hold the metal and the word ask stamped into it. Cassi played a game with me up until it came in the mail. We looked at many styles of bracelets online, mainly through the Etsy site. She wanted me to find one that I wanted to wear. She already knew the word she wanted on it. The game was to get me to find out the word. It took awhile but eventually I was able to figure out ask.

Why ask? It is something I rarely did and am working hard at doing more of. Ask questions. Ask about the day, about thoughts, health, feelings. Ask. Simple, but for many hard to do. After a late night discussion I stated I need a sign on the wall with the word ask. I wanted something visable to remind me to take the extra step during conversations. The bracelet is a reminder to ask, communicate, learn.

I have had the bracelet a few weeks. It has become a part of my wardrobe. I don't leave for work without it on. Only time it comes off is for softball or if I know I will be getting dirty. It is such a great gift that I don't want to ruin it by getting dirt, oil, gas, anything unclean on it.

When I don't have it on, my wrist feels empty. It is easy to forget to wear a watch. Not wearing this bracelet is hard. It feels a part of me now.

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