Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Critter Encounter

During our camping trip this weekend we got up close and personal with the wild.
No not this kind of wild...
More like this kind of wild.
Yes, one of those fuzzy little suburban wild animals made quite an impression on our Mouse this weekend. And no it wasn't the skunk. Though that would be funny, I mean not funny.
So how did we encounter such a fearsome creature. Well, around bedtime we made our final decent to the bathrooms (over two rows and up a small hill, really we were roughing it).  Everything was OK, until we went to leave. Mouse was about to leave the bathroom when she rounded the corner to find this blocking her way.
Though the way she screamed and started to cry you would have thought it was a bear. I am not sure which one was more scare the chipmunk or her. The poor frightened thing ran around confused for a bit until he found his hole and scurried back in. Our Mouse then referred to the place as the chipmunk bathroom the rest of the trip.
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