Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Time

Dear Cassi
Looking out my window at work I am thinking of you and Spring.  Seeing new
growth, buds on trees, leaves breaking out. I think of us and how and our
"garden" has been neglected and this spring is clean up time.  Time to add more
dirt (communication), more attention to removing the bad growth, time to push
the roots down so they can get deeper.  Time to touch leaves (hold each other,
cuddle) Time to water (cry out the pain).  Time to feed (engage in deep talks)

We have a garden that I neglected for years.  It's time to stop the neglect and
to garden with joy and love.
I ask for your help in our garden.  Help me with the roots and the cleanup. 
Together let's renew the garden and make it bigger and stronger.  With Gods help
I believe we can do this!

I Love You, and miss you when we are not together!

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