Thursday, May 12, 2011

The never ending lists in my brain

I have constant to do lists on my brain. They are not "honey do" lists. They are not lists that Cassi has for me, they are list that I create throughout the day. Take spring...
Rake the yard
pick weeds

These are easy and really don't need to get done. If the yard doesn't get raked will it not grow? Of course it will grow but I have this thought, maybe feeling, that it needs to get done. Follow what the other homeowners are doing, get green grass. Blah...I just want grass to walk barefoot in. Cassi does too. That may be a top five landscape wish for her, walk barefoot in the grass.

I get so worked up over my internal lists and try to plan out time to get these done that life in general passes me by. That is changing, slowly. This spring I have not done much outside except pull dandelions out of the yard. Instead of worrying about yard work and items on the list, I am spending time with the family. Dinner out on a Saturday night in a historic town. Living Green expo, garage sales. All these events have been fun and fulfilling.

Do you make lists that drag on your everyday life? How can one balance lists and life?


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