Monday, May 23, 2011

Maiden Voyage

This weekend we took our new camper out for it's first camping trip. We decided to stay pretty close to home for this trip, just in case. And we almost needed it but the bad weather just skimmed our site (more on that in a minute).
First, Steve bought this beautiful bouquet for our 11 year anniversary. We brought it with to brighten our camper.
See isn't it pretty! We also printed out this cute retro camper picture, just to add more personal touches. You can get this same picture here. One of the first things we agreed on needing once we had a camper was the coffee maker. Oh, it was so nice having fresh hot coffee in the morning.
We spent the weekend hiking through the woods around the camp site. It said it was a nature trail but I  am pretty sure we were following a deer trail. At one point in time Steve and I had to take off our shoes and roll up our pants to cross a stream. It was cold! Then on the way back across the stream, Steve thought he could maneuver the rocks but he slipped and fell in. (OK, I should be nice his feet got wet only, but it was still very funny.) We learned on this trip that I will be the lead hiker. My years and years of hiking practice growing up definitely paid off on this trip.
Yes, it was kind of cold, even for Minnesota May weather. But the cold wasn't what worried us. The rains were quite heavy Friday night. Saturday brought a whole different kind of worry. Our cell phones started ringing as friends and family called to warn us of a tornado warnings going through the area. So, we did a quick pack up our stuff and the camper. Only to be minutes away from driving away when we did one last call to hear the weather had changed as quick as it had started. So we unpacked it all again and put the camper back up for our last night at the site. The rain hit but no tornado. God is good.
Even with all the rain it was a great trip, we spent a lot of time cuddled up together as a family playing cards. We are King's Corner experts now I believe. Steve and I figured out how to play Gin too. The fresh rain also gave us great views too like this one:
I can't wait for our next trip. Sadly, with life schedules it won't be until July but either way it will be great.
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