Friday, May 6, 2011

His side, her side

This week during our lunch break we stopped at the bank then walked back to the car.

Steve's side:
After crossing the street we turned the corner and started our way to the car. Out of the corner of my eye, under a tree, I saw movement of something brown. Being the hero that I am I jumped between the brown movement and Cassi, wanting to protect her from this wild beast. The wild beast ended up being a female duck that we startled. She wandered around the tree then sat back down. I was still a hero for getting between this duck, with its beak just ready to chomp on our shins.
Cassi's side:
Ok, the first part of that story is right. We did go to the bank and while walking back there was movement to the left of us. But that is where the truth stops. In reality Steven jumped like a skittish kitten. He wasn't trying to put himself between me and the evil beast. Oh no, he was trying to hide behind me! No hero worship here more he was bravely willing to scarifice me to the wild beast. I calmly looked down and saw that it was a duck and burst out laughing. Steve's next comment was "you aren't going to tell everyone are you?" He must be over the embarassment of being scared of a duck because this post was his idea. Don't worry honey I will save you from the evil duck.
~ Steve & Cassi

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