Saturday, May 7, 2011

Inspire Me - Compassion International

It's been a while since we've talked about Zaida on this site. For those that don't know Zaida is our sponsor child from Compassion International. See how we can to this decision here. 
This Sunday, we are taking our call to Compassion to our church. Mouse and I will be talking about Compassion and Zaida. We are also hosting a Compassion Sunday, which means we will have files of children out on a table praying that someone will feel led to sponsor them. Pray with us that all these children find a sponsor this weekend. 

If you feel a calling for Compassion to please go to there site, (HERE). But maybe finances aren't there right now for a long term commitment. Don't worry there are other areas to help with. Sarah Markley is doing a donation drive right now for Compassion. You can view her Team San Diego here. In response to her run for Compassion numerous Etsy shop owners are hosting sales were the proceeds will go to Sarah's run, check it out here. Like this bracelet!
Oh how I wish I could buy this right now!
Maybe finance are even tighter than that. Remember you can become a letter writer. Yes, something as simple as a letter can make a huge difference in a child's life. See Gypsy Mama's post on Lame Letter Writers, here. If you have dry eyes after reading that post, shame on you!
But if all you are able to give right now is prayers, we will gladly take those too. Please pray for the kids this weekend, and the congregation of our church that they fill lead to Compassion this weekend. Thank you
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