Friday, May 27, 2011

All you need is duck tape...

In attempts to remove Disney's annoying and disrespectful teeny boppers from our house we have started going to Netflix for some new programming. Or I should say old programming since Mouse is now obsessed with:

Yep, you read that right, MacGyver. Which is completely ok with me. I love this show. Mouse is so excited to see what he makes next, it brings back all those old memories of watching it as a family growing up.
She tells everyone about the show. But the funny part happened the other morning. Steve and I came down stairs to Mouse head first in her sleeping bag. She was rolling around on the floor and looked like she was trying to get out. So we asked her if she needed help.
"No, I am pretending to be MacGyver!"
"I'm MacGyver. I am trapped and I have to figure my way out."
Thankfully she didn't ask us for some duck tape.

Hope you all have a fun and funny weekend.


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