Monday, May 2, 2011

Amici - Friends

This last week we went to Amici Pizza and Bistro. This is another Northeast location. Like most Northeast eateries this one is small and intimate in atmosphere. But be prepared the menu is very limited, though we only saw their lunch menu. One nice thing about this place is that they use a lot of local and organic products. That is one thing we really like about non-chain restaurants in our area a lot of them try to do this.

Cassi's View: I thought the feel of the restaurant was nice. The staff could have been a little more helpful. We informed her that we had never been there before and all we got was "that's great". There was no offer to explain the menu or a telling of why they are great. Again the menu is limited, I chose the Bocatini, which is pretty much spaghetti and meatballs. The meatballs were un-flavorful, but the sauce was decent and the portion size was perfect. The meal also came with bread.

Steve's View: Atmosphere of the restaurant was pleasing to the eye. Booths on one side, kitchen in the back. Menu was a little too upscale for me so I played it safe and had the meatball sandwich. Same issue Cassi had with the meatballs. Nice and big, but no flavor. This was also not a sandwich to pick up and eat. I had to cut it into pieces then eat the top piece of bread after I finished the meat and sauce. Salad was fresh and flavorful.

Overall, we would try the place again. They had some unique pizza's on the menu that we would like to try out.
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