Friday, April 29, 2011

You're cooking what?!?

Sometimes the brain and tummy are not on the same page...

Cassi writes out our weekly dinner menu and for dinner one night she had Mexican lasagna. She even showed me a picture. The night of this dinner she was busy cooking and I was busy watching. After a bit I asked "I thought you were making lasagna" She said I am, Mexican lasagna. I was confused, where is the red sauce, where are the sheets of noodles. It doesn't look like lasagna and my tummy was hungry for what visually is lasagna. 
Mexican Lasagna

Patiently she explained that she showed me the picture and Mexican Lasagna is just a name, it has all the ingredients a Mexican meal would have but baked in a pan, not taco like. 

I still cannot live down Mexican Lasagna night!

~ Steve

ps. In my defense, my Mexican lasagna looked just like that picture. And tasted great. Silly male taste buds!
~ Cassi
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