Thursday, April 28, 2011

A mouse.. and not our Mouse.

For the last few months we have been trying to have lunch together on a regular basis. You would have thought this idea would have occurred to us back in July when I (Cassi) changed jobs and moved 8 minutes from Steve's work but hey, we are now so that is what matters.
We are kind of closet foodies. The Food Network (though Cassi is still mad at them, see here) is still one of our go to channels. But mostly we like trying the local restaurants. There is numerous reasons for this mostly it helps out people who are trying to make a living and normally the food tastes better!

So we thought we would occasionally give some reviews of the places we have been. To start we thought we would give one of the not so good reviews.

Urban Harvest
Urban Harvest is part coffee shop, part bakery and part cafe. It is located in Northeast Minneapolis.

Cassi's View: I want to love this place, I really do! It is located between a flower shop and Patina which is perfect. I also like the very healthy menu items. But the staff is not overly friendly or helpful.  But not to the point were it really effects service. The portions are good but the price is a tad high. In the three times I have been there the food has been decent. I have ordered two different sandwiches, which are good sized and fresh tasting. This last time I had half a Caesar salad and a cup of split pea soup. Both of these were very good. I will try and remember to start taking pictures.

Steve's View:  For me this is a step out of my ordinary dining places.  If by myself I usually stick with the basic fast food places.  We have tried Urban Harvest twice now.  First time I got a sandwich, roast beef with Au jus.  Good and filling for lunch and quick service which is what we needed.  Second visit was on a cold spring day.  I decided to try the soup.  Clam chowder.  It was decent, potatoes a little under cooked for my taste. Menu has a lot to choose from, sandwich wise, and at least four soups available.  Coffee too.

After all that is said, we won't be going back. Not because of the service like I (Cassi) mentioned. We won;t be going back because on Tuesday Steve and I met there for lunch and mid-way through a MOUSE ran across the room! Now if any of you watch Restaurant Impossible, you know one mouse is just what you see there are hundreds (ok maybe not that many) hiding away some where. But once the mouse was seen the staff did nothing to easy us wary customers. We immediately left, though I think Steve would have stayed to finish his meal. I just couldn't!

~Cassi & Steve
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