Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

After the big purge this weekend, you might expect that I have nothing left to wear! Ok I know the closet was still full but it is crazy going in there now. So different. Want to see the difference click here.
This week I did a good job incorporating some color into my wardrobe. I don't know about the rest of you but isn't easier to be more colorful when the weather starts to warm up. We are finally getting past boot and tights weathers. It is nice to pull out the heels for work.

For this week I wore a lot of light weight sweaters. I probably haven't said this but my office has NO heat! I am sitting in the frozen tundra of the back offices. So even though the weather is warming up outside it is still cold indoors. Even in the summer the air is full blast and so cold that I had to have maintenance turn the vent off in my office.  So you may see sweaters long after you should on me.

First outfit
Purple Sweater: So old I can't remember where I got it
Black Pants: Thrifted
Shoes that you can't see: My favorite pair of black and gray heels. I got them at Macy's a few years back.

My second outfit to show for the week:
Sweater: I just got at the Dress Barn (which is a horrible name for a store).  But Steve loves my in yellow so I have tried to branch out and buy it more.
Jeans: Of course American Rag. Seriously if you haven't tried them before do. They are a cheaper brand at Macy's. My favorite part is they are really stretchy so I get to buy a size smaller than normal! I know it doesn't change my size but I like to say I am in a size smaller.
Shoes: Second favorite pair in my closest. I bought them at DSW a few years back.

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