Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Phase Purge

I told you all we were going to purge the clothes this weekend. I did neglect to tell you it was years in the making. I am a complete clothes hoarder! There I admitted it. I have an addiction to clothes. But I really don't wear all that I own.
So I thought I would give out the honest truth of what I leave the bedroom looking like most days.
Yes, it is kind of shameful to admit that this is what our bedroom looks like. I have too many clothes so the ones that are recently washed get stacked on the dresser. The pile of clothes to the side of the dress is from a purge we did a year ago and still haven't got rid of yet. The small pile of clothes in front of the dresser is my pajamas and sock and stuff that I haven't put away either. Then we come to the closet...
Yes, I don't take care of my clothes well. I throw all of my sweaters and other items I don't want to hang on to the top and hope they stay up there. I have clothes on the floor in here too. See now you all know why a purge was soo necessary.
This weekend we went through all of Steve's clothes and most of mine. I still have my pajama draw left. But got it looking nice! So here is the new closet!
We got ride of nine bags of clothes! I mean BIG bags of clothes. It was so great. I am very happy with results. I can now get all my clothes in the closet with extra hangers left over. I have also got all the clothes out from under the bed (oh did I forget to mention that this was just my winter selection)! The drawers in the larger dress are half his and half mine and they all close now and have room enough to fold them nice.
What is up next in our spring cleaning purge?
Well I still have to finish the jammies. Then we want to do Mouse's room, but we have to wait until she is gone for the weekend. She is sentimentalist and cries over everything. Then we will move on to the kitchen!
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