Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Less Processing Please!

Or at least that what it seems like we are going towards at our house lately. We have been making a lot of our own foods lately. Now I don't mean dinners and such. I mean the kind most often bought.
For starters we have been making our own wheat bread for about a month now. See Mouse has some intestine problems. And we were told to increase her fiber. In that we have been buying the expensive breads at the store. Then one day last month, I remembered I have my Grandmother's bread machine and about 80lbs (no joke) of her bread flour. So I looked into how to make a healthier bread for Mouse. See below it turned out pretty good.
Great news is Mouse loves it. She says it is better than the store bought stuff. And wow is it cheaper. I can also make smaller loaves that can get used up before going bad. With just three of us bread and milk are never consumed in time.
Now that we got that new bread started Steve decided to get on my home-made food bandwagon. I shouldn't tease he has been talking about making his own chips for years. This past two weeks we (ok mostly him) have made tortilla chips and potato chips from scratch! They are soo good.
For the tortilla chips he takes the corn tortilla and cuts then into four equal triangles. They are placed single layer on a baking sheet. Then brush them with lime juice and sprinkled with chunky salt. He bakes them for 6-8 minutes at 400 degrees. They taste great! Don't they look healthy.
For the potato chips, well we are still perfecting them. Once we have it down, I will share them with you.

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