Friday, April 1, 2011

Inspire Me Fridays

Simplify, purge, de-clutter... these are all words buzzing around in blog land. And we are no exception. For the month of April we are taking a room in the house each weekend and purging it. This weekend we are going to take our bedroom. You may not know this about me but I hord clothes. I think most females do, we have to have the right look for all occasions. And in my fear of not having the right look I keep everything. But in keeping all these clothes I don't take care of them. To my defense I don't spend a lot of money on my hords of clothes. Which maybe I should then I might take better care of, I won't.  Also in the last year or so my style has really changed. Or at least I am trying to have it change. I want it to be lighter and have a bit more color.
Now on to Steve's side of this clothes. His style hasn't changed since the late 1990's. In fact I know some of the clothes he has had since before then. Guys clothes don't trend as fast as women's due, I get that but still!
So we came up with an idea to purge our closets. The opposite person gets to say if something stays or goes. And the other gets 5 vetos! That is it. I am in a world of hurt this weekend. I love my lots of black and gray!! Steve does not. I will have to be very selective in my five vetos. But this will be soo good. I really need to get rid of stuff.
So if you need a little organizational inspiration, I hope some of the below helps you out.
This closet picture comes from The Nester, ok really it's not her closet either but it sure gives one hope. Her blog talks about some ways to purge your stuff.
I wish I could say our before picture resembled this, but my side of the closet is worse! But I like organized this closet became. You can check out some great tips on how to build the perfect wardrobe here, and what you should get rid of.
Now, I will give you that half the prettiness comes from the color scheme and real closets aren't like this. But oh how I love this! This blog has some stellar tips on how to decide if the clothes should stay or go. Go here to find out more

Wish us luck over the weekend! I will post some before and after photos and you can see how well we did.
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