Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

This week I was bad at getting pictures taken or good pictures for that matter. It was cold again this past week. I am soo done with winter. We shouldn't have snow days in March! But we did, it was the first one Mouse remembers ever having. She was quite confused about the whole thing. When she realized that it meant more snow on the ground she burst in to tears! She was crying because she couldn't ride her bike yet. Then we snuggled down for some tv watching for the day.

But this is what I wore so here it goes.
First picture,
Jacket and Tie: Thrifted. The jacket is white with brown stripes and the tie is brown with tiny white polk-a-dots.
Shirt: stole from husband's closet (I have no white button downs isn't that weird!)
Jeans: American Rag
Headband: Made myself
Bracelet: Vintage

Second Picture: Snow Day outfit
Sweater: Target
T-shirt: 0.96$ at Old Navy!
Jeans: American Rag
Flower pin: made myself
Necklace: gifted

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