Friday, March 18, 2011

Inspire Me Fridays

Tonight we are have date night in.Steve and I through the last ten years or so have become very separate. Our normal outings or weekend plans consist of me doing one thing and him doing another. I have always loved the independence we give each other to pursue our goals and likes. But this independence has actually led to very separate lives.

In our goal to add more together time we are looking at who we can add into our circle of friends that will support us. So today we are having my brother and his wife for dinner. Together, Steve and I, went through my cooking magazines and decided on a dinner. We are going to serve Buffalo Chicken Nachos from Food Network magazine. And other bar style foods like mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, all munchy food so we can play some board games. Mouse picked out the dessert, also fromFood Network magazine, Broiled Banana Splits! I can't wait to try the food tonight.

Here are some dinner parties that other bloggers have done. Just click on the caption to bring you to their post. 
Daisy Diaries
I love the mix of classy and fun here. The martini bar is perfectly set out. But the real attention grabber is the fun newspaper popcorn containers and small bowls of ice cream. I think I must try this one day. 
Ribbons & Rust
Oh, how I wish we lived in an area where this would be possible. I love the bird cages and the peaceful look of this. I want to have fancy outdoor dinner parties. In a blissful setting like this, where no wind, bugs or neighbors kids interrupt. 
At Home - Kim Vallee
Now you all know my obsession with marshmallows and s'more in particular. Isn't this the greatest thing ever! I want to have one full time set up in my house. I love all the different marshmallow combos. And it makes the s'mores so classy looking. I am so glad I have some homemade marshmallows at home. I need some after this photo.

Have a great weekend!
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