Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I wore Wednesday

So week two of what I wore. I still have not switched from my phone to a real camera. Mostly this is because I remember to take the picture as I am running out the door. But I at least tried for better lighting in this group then the last group.
Also I was more conscious of what I wore through out the week. I purposely threw more color or layers into my wardrobe than I have in the past. Which is one of my goals. I look at the others who link on to WIWW and they have such cute layers or pops of color. These are things I need to work on. I  like to stick to basic black or gray.
I had two favorite outfits this week. One I have a picture of and one I don't. The other picture didn't turn out good at all, very blurry. But I will wear it again someday and take a new picture. So here is what I wore this week. I really shouldn't say this week since I manage to only get two good outfit shots. But here they are:
Sweater - Target (so soft)
Lace Vest - Charlotte Russe
Gray Tank- Thrifted
Necklace - Avon
(Seriously, they have cute stuff sometimes)
Jeans - American Rag
Riding Boots - Bass Outlet

Day 2-
Sweater Vest - Geoffrey Beene
Long sleeve tee- Target
Teal Scarf - Target
Black Dress pants - Maurice's (I think)
I did wear boots with this, not sure you need to know where my socks came from.
Flower - I made myself

Flower hairpin-
I made this for Mouse and I to share. Ok, technically I made it for myself, but when I went to wear it today, I found it in her hair stuff. Obviously she likes it too.

This post is linked to Pleated Poppy What I Wore Wednesday party.
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