Monday, February 21, 2011

Mac & Cheese

My comfort food of choice is MAC & CHEESE!! I so love mac & cheese. I mean I can eat any kind from the cheap Kraft box style to gourmet fancy restaurant style. This weekend I made a new style of mac and cheese. Thanks to Bon Appetit latest magazine with new recipes. The cover alone would have made me buy it.
But thanks to a lovely gift subscription from my Aunt and Uncle I get right in my mailbox.
We tried the Pimento Mac & Cheese recipe, if you would like to try it click here. I did double the amount of Mozzarella Cheese it asked for, from 1 cup to 2. I am very glad I did this since I am pretty sure I added more noodles than it called for the extra cheese was needed. It was soo good. Hmm.. A third helping would not be good right..

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