Friday, February 4, 2011

Inspire Me Fridays

This week has spiraled out of control. Have you ever felt like you have been living a dream and suddenly you woke up. You woke to realize what you thought was reality is an illusion. That has been my week. It is honestly just to painful to go public with at the moment. It might always be to painful.
Today I need to be inspired to get out of bed. I need to be inspired to remember that there is more to my life than this pain.
I hope if you have every felt this way that these pictures inspire you too..
Simple pleasures Fresh Coffee and Familiar Books

My Faith

My Daughter
 Most importantly this little girl keeps me smiling. Reminding me why I need to tread water and not drown in this pain. My goal right now is to try and find away within myself to not uproot her life as much as possible. I know because of her and God I can make it through this.
Here is a song that seems appropriate to me..
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