Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Disclaimer-She is not wearing make-up just the way the picture looks
To start with we are a one child household, this is by design. S and I had numerous conversations about it and both felt that one is where we should stay at. In this decision I feel we have been able to have a relationship with Mouse like none other. (Granted we don't know what anything else is like so we are biased in this regard)
God granted us the perfect daughter for us.
Not that she is perfect, she can hold her own in a battle of stubbornness.
And her struggles become our struggles. Mouse has a hard time reading. It has been a rough process for us. I think I feel it more than the rest because reading is my outlet. I am a complete bibliophile. I have two or three books going at all times. To watch Mouse struggle with this has been heart wrenching. We have fought with the teachers for years now over her abilities. See, Mouse can hide the fact she can't read well. The school tells us her vocabulary and verbal comprehension is more at a 6th grade level then her 2nd grade status. She can also memorize things after one or two readings. So she can 'read' a book but she won't actually be looking at the words. Her precociousness has gotten through a lot but it has also let her slip through the cracks of our education system.
But hopefully we are getting to a light at the end of this tunnel. Her teacher this year, agreed with us (finally) that Mouse needs help. We are going to a specialty clinic for reading/learning disorders to have her evaluated. I am pretty sure they are going to come back with dyslexia and tracking issues. Tracking is where you start reading one sentence and then switch down or up a row mid-sentence. We are slowly learning all of this and I know we have a lot more to learn.
As I write this I really don't know how to end this post. I guess it ends that we are all still a work in progress.
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