Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Roller Derby Girls

Mouse and I do lots of Mommy / daughter date night activities but our newest obsession is the Roller Derby!
Yes, you read that right the Roller Derby. Last year on a whim I took Mouse to the derby. She as you saw from her room is a pink and black fiend! She dressed in her coolest pink and black outfit and off we went. When we walked through the doors and the first thing Mouses sees is a team of girls in pink and black. Mouse looks at me and says "It's like calling me home!" She was so excited. And the teams were so kid friendly, there was crafts, face-painting and games to play. Mouse ran around and took pictures of everything. Then the pink team or as they are called Delta Delta Die called Mouse over and she got a picture with the whole group. They also gave her a t-shirt (which fits Mom, yeah for me free clothes!)
Our first night at the Roller Derby.
One of Mouses pictures during the bout. Mouse also got track side and cheered on her team.
The only bad part was there was no t-shirts to buy for her size. So, Mouse commissioned me to make a t-shirt for her and her friend. So the next month Mouse, her friend and her Mom and I went back for more pink action. This time Mouse added pom-poms to her cheering.
Here is Mouse and I at the second event. It is fun to go and dress a little crazy.

The one in the tutu here is Marshmallow Assassin she was Mouse's favorite. But sadly she is not on the team this year. Mouse took this picture of the Kilmore Girls and Deltas talk pre-bout.
Now this year the season has started again here is Mouse and her friend with the new Delta crew. Mouse's goal is to make it on to the Jr Roller Derby League here. First she needs to learn to skate!

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