Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspire Me Fridays

This Christmas I asked for and received a candy thermometer from my Grandmother. Last year I learned the hard way that the meat thermometer does not work for making candy. Not that I make a lot of candy but every now and then the mood strikes me. Last year it was peanut brittle. This year it is MARSHMALLOWS! I love marshmallows! I always have, growing up peanut butter and fluff was my favorite sandwich (in truth it still is). I make s'mores year round. During the summer bonfires are just for roasting marshmallows after I have eaten my fill I get bored with the fire.
With candy thermometer in hand my goal this weekend is to try making homemade marshmallows. Here are some blogs I have found that have already tried their hand at them. 
This is the version I plan on making this weekend, just straight up vanilla marshmallows. I am a purest when it comes to marshmallows. Just a little roast on the outsides to make them tan and I am set for mass marshmallow consumption.
But this strawberry swirl marshmallow sure do look pretty and I do love strawberries. I may have to try these at some point.
And then once I get the hang of this you can bet I make these marshmallows dipped in chocolate, this could be addicting.
HOMEMADE PEEPS! And what little girl party would be complete with out homemade marshmallows cut into cute shapes. Now, I am not a huge peep fan a little to sugary for my tastes but making my own I could cut back on the sugar coating.. this holds possibilities.

Don't they look soo YUMMY! What are you planning to make this weekend?
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