Friday, December 17, 2010

Inspire Me Fridays

My brother is on the hunt for a unique wine bar for is townhome. And being the ever nosy involved sister that I am, I am trying to help him find just the right piece. They are thinking of taking something and repurposing it into a wine bar. So here are some great ones I found for inspiration.
 This one is not really their (remember my brand new sister-in-law lives there too) style. But I thought it was pretty unquie.I could so see this in a bachlor pad or the man cave. 
Poetic Home
This one is much more my style. I love these card catalog makeovers. Where are people finding these. I never see one for sale.
This one isn't a remake, but it easily could be with the purchase of a law school bookcase. I think this one comes close to the style my Brother and his wife are looking for. I really love the look of this one then I found this:
Impatiently Praying for Patience
I might have to combine the two for my house. I would make the bottom half the wine rack like the picture before and then leave the other two as display shelves like these. I will paint mine an olive green color.
Hope this inspires you to do some furniture redo's.

PS~ I was featured today over at Me Making Do! Check it out here! Thanks for the feature.
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